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Hi friends

Am available once again during the week, and am happy to see repeat customers or new people.

Mondays and Tuesdays are available at the moment for palmreadings at Semaphore or for a small fee I can do the palmreading in your home.

My major focus is health and marriage lines and the Apollo line which holds information about your fortune.  There are many lines to explore such as the children lines, girdle of venus and bow of intuition.

If you don’t have time to visit in person for a reading, I am still able to provide detailed palmreadings by email and send distant reiki. Psychic palmistry works best in person though so please call and book in today…ph 0424624107

With faith and hope


Some recent questions about palmistry

Can lines change?

Yes the major lines can change every 8 years in the palm. These lines are the life line, heart line, head line and fate line. The major lines are our structure and personality somewhat. To understand the moods and real you look at the minor lines, which can change all the time. These lines are best read on the left and right palm as both are equally affected by fate and how we control our destiny.

What does a line above the marriage line that joins it mean?

This could shows in a relationship there is a lot going on, possibly travel or other projects going on outside of each other. If the lines join this is a positive sign showing that you will work together on this project and not spend so much time apart.

Where are children on the palm?

Children are seen in many areas in the palm as they have a significant effect on our lives. Traditionally the children lines are seen joined to the marriage lines under the little finger on the side of the palm. There are vertical lines for boys and diagonal lines for girls. Children can also be seen as extra life lines on the Mount of Venus or a line joining the Communication lines. Children are all unique and depending on their vibration whether they are intuitive souls or down to earth kids will show up in different parts of your palm.

Where are the marriage lines?

The marriage lines are traditional lines in palmistry that are found on the Mount of Mercury under the little finger. On the side of your palm you may find one or maybe three or more horizontal lines showing your relationships. These are not all of your relationships but more so those you have a strong connection with, ones you have have fallen in love with or who you may have children with. Some marriage lines will appear to start further around the palm and these are people who are well travelled in life who have old souls. Other marriage lines may appear on the Mount of Mercury and not around the side of the palm, which shows a more superficial, less deep relationship.

What does a lot of vertical lines on the Mount of Venus mean?

Vertical lines traditionally here indicate musical ability such as guitar and piano especially if they are close to the thumb area and base of palm. If the lines touch the thumb area this is relating to family issues especially property. If the lines are closer to the life line this is helpful to your health and protection from an angel.

Triangle on the heart line

Triangles are a lucky sign as they relate to knowledge and investment. Sometimes a relationship can be a learning experience if you see this on your heart line. Look at the heart line after this symbol if it is broken or if there are branches to a finger. It could be also that you’re involved with a lover who works in business.

Where to find your soulmate

Love comes up in all different places. We may meet on travels, through hobbies such as sharing a love of music or simply through destiny.

Marriage Lines

If the marriage line dips deeply into the heart line it is a soulmate connection. If it is a very long marriage line you will find it hard to be without your partner.

Mount of Venus

A palmist can tell the name of the person by looking at the palm, it is a tradition in India to find your soulmate’s initials on the Mount of Venus. Try scrying into the section close to the lifeline on the Mount of Venus to give you clues what your soulmate is like.

Travel Lines

Important journeys are found in the palm as very long travel lines or branches that run into the Apollo line or Fate line. If the travel line was to run into the Apollo line this shows this trip makes you very happy, and fortune shines upon you – a great line for marriage and soulmates.

Soulmates initials can be found in palm
Soulmates initials can be found in palm

Inner Lifeline

On the life line, a inner life life that begins part way down the palm can sometimes indicate a soulmate or someone very special or even a child coming into our lives. The lifeline can give you a timeline when this will happen, which other parts of the palm can not do.

Changing marriage lines

Recently there have been alot of questions about marriage lines. Symbols on the marriage lines and faint lines are also a concern for many of my clients.

With palmistry it is important to remember that lines can change every 8 years. Minor markings and symbols can change every couple of months. When we do see these changes in our marriage lines we are given a chance to work on our relationship and have the chance to the problem rather than leave it up to fate.

Marriage lines under the Mercury finger

Focusing on the lines you have now

When reading marriage lines about future relationships it can depend on the clients attitude towards love at the time. If they are not keen to settle down and have other things on their mind such as career or travel, then the marriage lines may be weak. The other marriage lines may be friendship lines and not even a sexual relationship, but it is an important relationship that you will discover in time.

If you find a faint marriage line this may darken over time especially when you meet this person and develop your chemistry. The rest of the palm may show strength in a large Mount of Venus which indicates travel and a deep Fate line which shows ambition.

Symbols seen on marriage lines

If you are seeing squares and circles when having your palm read this should not put you off as they are not a permanent sign as i said before. They are more about the energy of that relationship and what could be blocking it happening, for example a circle can indicate a lack of energy or someone who is a bit toxic issues. A break in a marriage line can change over a matter of months strengthened by love, passion and protection from angels which show up as squares on your marriage line.

Romance symbols

Symbols of the past..

The marriage lines under the little finger show how many relationships you may have. The lower lines are relationships from the past. Looking closer at these lines you can see symbols on them.

:(  Circle symbols show this person is draining on your energy. Vertical lines blocking at the end of the line show divorce or sudden ending of the relationship.

:) Triangle symbol could show a transition from relationship to business relationship. Long vertical lines between one marriage line to the next can show keeping in touch with this person through your group of friends.

Symbols of the present…

Your heart line shows the quality of our emotions, if we are feeling passionate or a little bit low this is be reflected in its strength.

:( Indendations or blurriness of the line can show confusion in the intensity, almost causing anxiety.

:) strength in relationships comes from a doubled heart line. This shows someone by your side and lovingly with you always. Sometimes this is a child coming into your life, or a special person who you have great connection with.

Changes in the heart line can be positive if branching toward the ring finger of Apollo this shows romance.

And the future…..

While it is always best to live in the present, your future relationships are present in the marriage lines and sometimes in the fate line also. Deeper marriage lines show people we have more chemistry with.

Where the heart line and fate line ends up shows where you may be heading in your love life.

:( A heart line that is running straight across the palm shows intensity in the emotions. Look for branches up toward the index finger of Jupiter for you coming out of your shell more and expressing your emotions. A fate line that appears to end short of the heart line shows that you have not yet found your passion in life, that can often change as the palm lines will change every 8 years. It can sometimes be a sign that in the future you need to do something for you that makes you happy.

:) A heart line and fate line that splits in two at the end can indicate several things. If this fate line was to split and the stronger of the two lines was toward the little finger this shows a closeness to friends. A stronger line toward the index finger of Jupiter would show a preference toward family. If both lines in the split are of equal strength check for any symbols on these lines for fortune, as often it can indicate a holiday home.

Palmreading parties

Having a palmreader along to your party is a fun addition that gets everyone buzzing.

The most interesting palmreading gig I ever did was to promote the release of a new train service. I read palms for 7 hours on the train from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Some of my most popular  palmreading parties will now have the additional introduction for those wanting to learn a little more about palmistry…

Mount of Apollo and Mount of Venus reveals romance in your palm

Hen’s Nights

  • Marriage lines
  • Goddesses in your palm (as symbols on mounts in palm)
  • Your Mount of Venus (as seen in Area 4 in the photo)

Baby Shower

  • Children lines
  • Fertility and the bracelet lines
  • How to read a child’s palm

Work party

  • The fate line
  • Leadership and the Mount of Jupiter (as seen in Area 2 in photo)
  • Symbols of different careers

Going away party

  • Travel lines on the Mount of Luna (as seen in Area 3 in photo)
  • The life line
  • Lucky symbols in the palm

New Age Party

  • Psychic lines and symbols
  • Angels in the palm (as symbols in any mount)
  • Healing with the palm

Palmreading parties are $20 per person or available for $75 per hour. An informal and unique theme on your next Hen’s night or party. Groups of 5 to 50 welcome – private and corporate parties.

Children lines

How can you see children in your palm?

Clues can be found on the heart line,  fate line, life line and marriage lines.

On the heart line, a branch toward the middle finger of Saturn, the planet of responsibility indicates a child coming into your life. This can be your birth child or a child coming into your care.

On the life line, a inner life life that begins part way down the palm can sometimes indicate a soulmate or someone very special such as a child coming into our lives. The fate line may also become doubled at this point which shows you will be extra busy. Squares around the fate line at this time indicate nesting, and time spent at home.

On the marriage lines under your little finger of Mercury there are the children lines. The marriage lines run horizontally and the children lines are vertical or diagonal branches off this line. The number of branches show how many children you will have.

Children lines under the little finger of Mercury
Children lines joining the marriage lines

If I foster a child or work with children will that show in the palm?

Yes, the line however cuts through the marriage line. If the child line joins the marriage line, then it is your birth child.

Many faint vertical lines seen around the Mount of Mercury show you work with children.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

If the line is vertical it will be a boy and diagonal it will be a girl.

Will my child be healthy?

Look for lines attached to the marriage line.  A deep line is best for good health but generally indicates an outgoing personality and a light line a shy child. If the line has a circle symbol it will drain a chid’s health 0r can indicate a difficult pregnancy. Wavy lines can indicate anxiety. Squares show guardian angels.

What will their personality and talents be like?

Symbols such as triangles on the children lines show talent for business. If the line is long and reaches up into the base of the little finger of Mercury they will be a chatterbox in touch with angels and imaginary friends. A forked child line shows multiple talents and they may change their direction later on in life.

Will I have twins?

A doubled child line that both join together and a doubling of other major lines in the palm can sometimes indicate twins.

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