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Been a while since i’ve been able to update the site and hope you enjoy these random and exciting parts of palmreading.



Signs you may be pregnant are a very red lifeline and redness low on the Mount of Venus or lines more significant around this area. If you have having pain from periods this will also show up as a circle or hash symbol very low on the lifeline or on the Mount of Venus.


This is mount at the joint of the thumb, and is more common in men. Quite often this is seen on those who work in protective services such as firefighters and defence force. It is ideal to have a balance of the mount of venus, mount of mars and fate line – this gives courage, passion and direction in relationships. 


Passion for music is seen in a loop of music in the mount of venus. This loop of music gives a person grace and creativity, and passion for life. The mount of venus may not be extremely full but symbols such as loops show talents for music and a dedicated passion. Many long vertical lines on the mount of venus are often show musical ability such as piano or guitar ability. Check also for vertical lines high in the Mercury mount which shows a connection with music. 
Rainbow Moon


 Archangel Michael can be seen as a symbol M on the mount of venus. He is one of the strongest guardian angels I regularly see working in the palm. The M is traditionally seen to be a mark for money or marriage. It can also be seen as a formation of three lines, the fate line, head line and heart line.


Important journeys are found in the palm as very long travel lines or branches that run into the Apollo line or Fate line. If the travel line was to run into the Apollo line this shows this trip makes you very happy, and fortune shines upon you – a great line for marriage and soulmates.


When you compare Jupiter with the Apollo ring finger you can see who is in charge in the relationship. If Jupiter finger is longer than the Apollo finger this is someone who likes to take charge in a relationship. 


Many lines in the mount of neptune are those who have a lot of sensitivity in their body, and connection to psychic world and dreams will be colourful, full of sound and even taste. Triangle symbols are common on the palms on psychics in the middle of the palm. A triangle in the Mount of Neptune means that you need to listen to your dreams. 


The bracelet lines are a series of horizontal lines on the wrist. Most people have three bracelet lines. These are an ancient indicator of fertility.  The uppermost line is related to fertility and your pregnancy. If the line is peaked or broken this can show difficulties in pregnancy. This is usually due to hormone imbalance only and it is advised to seek advice from a naturopath. If the upper line is broken care is also to be taken during pregnancy as complications are very likely.


A deeply etched lifeline on the mount of venus that travels wide into the centre of the palm shows passion and adventure for life. If it is a faint life line that hugs the mount of venus shows a private family life. 


Some recent questions about palmistry

Can lines change?

Yes the major lines can change every 8 years in the palm. These lines are the life line, heart line, head line and fate line. The major lines are our structure and personality somewhat. To understand the moods and real you look at the minor lines, which can change all the time. These lines are best read on the left and right palm as both are equally affected by fate and how we control our destiny.

What does a line above the marriage line that joins it mean?

This could shows in a relationship there is a lot going on, possibly travel or other projects going on outside of each other. If the lines join this is a positive sign showing that you will work together on this project and not spend so much time apart.

Where are children on the palm?

Children are seen in many areas in the palm as they have a significant effect on our lives. Traditionally the children lines are seen joined to the marriage lines under the little finger on the side of the palm. There are vertical lines for boys and diagonal lines for girls. Children can also be seen as extra life lines on the Mount of Venus or a line joining the Communication lines. Children are all unique and depending on their vibration whether they are intuitive souls or down to earth kids will show up in different parts of your palm.

Where are the marriage lines?

The marriage lines are traditional lines in palmistry that are found on the Mount of Mercury under the little finger. On the side of your palm you may find one or maybe three or more horizontal lines showing your relationships. These are not all of your relationships but more so those you have a strong connection with, ones you have have fallen in love with or who you may have children with. Some marriage lines will appear to start further around the palm and these are people who are well travelled in life who have old souls. Other marriage lines may appear on the Mount of Mercury and not around the side of the palm, which shows a more superficial, less deep relationship.

What does a lot of vertical lines on the Mount of Venus mean?

Vertical lines traditionally here indicate musical ability such as guitar and piano especially if they are close to the thumb area and base of palm. If the lines touch the thumb area this is relating to family issues especially property. If the lines are closer to the life line this is helpful to your health and protection from an angel.

Triangle on the heart line

Triangles are a lucky sign as they relate to knowledge and investment. Sometimes a relationship can be a learning experience if you see this on your heart line. Look at the heart line after this symbol if it is broken or if there are branches to a finger. It could be also that you’re involved with a lover who works in business.

Reading between the lines

Reading between the major and minor lines is one way to get the answers from the universe.

Feel the energy and heat in the palms. This information is best accessed through scrying, by reading palms in person and in a meditative state.

After looking at the major lines of the Heart line, Head line and Life line and minor lines of Allergy line, Fate line and Communication lines you can look at psychic side of the palm.

To access the psychic within, most readers are in a meditative state. This relaxed state is achieved first by trusting yourself and by being grounded. Lighting incense and candles helps the mind to relax and the psychic side to open up.

Everbody receives psychic messages differently. Some people receive audio messages such as a whisper in the ear, or a song comes into their head. Other people may feel a part of their body twinge or feel like a child is pulling at their leg. Other people are more visual.

When you receive your psychic message immediately focus on the palm and translate that image into the palm. This is a form of scrying. Certain lines or branches may become more red or prominent and relate to the message you received. However you receive this psychic messages is, trust and develop this ability.

Always remember the right palm is our reality that we are dealing with. The left palm will have more lines as it explains our inner self. Always compare the two palms and see what secrets you can uncover .

The lovers palm

Wondering where you will find love?

Look at these special mounts on your palm. They are loops that are similar to fingerprints as they are a print not found on everyone’s palm. They may point that you will find love with a connection with music, travel, by the sea or in the countryside.

Branches from any major line especially the heart line and fate line to these loops can indicate romance. Check the Apollo line to match up the age that love is all around you.

The major loops to be found are the –

For a connection with music, the Loop of Music is found on the Mount of Venus the large fleshy area under the thumb.

For a holiday romance by the sea, check the travel lines or a Loop of Water very close by on the Mount of Luna on the palmar side.

For falling in love in the countryside, the Loop of Nature is seen on the Upper Mount of Moon on the palmar side.

Just having these loops in your palm makes you all the more attracted to certain people and places… So if you have a Loop of Water, it is more likely that you will have more fortune if you live near the water or surround yourself with water regularly. Even if you have a Earth star sign such as Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus and have a Loop of Water in your palm you will attract partners who are watery types such as Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Reading the left and right palm

Hi Elle,

Can you tell me if the hand is only a prediction of the past and in the future of what you may be thinking, so a palm reader can guess the rest.

Is that why the lines change all the time? How you are feeling in your mind is portrayed in your hand??

I’ve had my hand read many times and often wondered.



Comparing the left and right palm
Your true self is revealed in your left palm

That’s an interesting question, and just by looking at the lines on both palms you may see that they are different. Your left palm is more likely to show your inner thoughts and feelings, it is your secret side.

If you want to know about the future, you left palm is also your fated palm and will be able to let you know. It is your right that will control that future – your thoughts and will power will affect these lines. The major lines can change every 8 years. Minor lines change frequently as they are affected by emotions and environment. I recommend you check out your fate line – this shows how you are feeling in the mind and your motivation and what inspires you.

Palmreading parties

Having a palmreader along to your party is a fun addition that gets everyone buzzing.

The most interesting palmreading gig I ever did was to promote the release of a new train service. I read palms for 7 hours on the train from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Some of my most popular  palmreading parties will now have the additional introduction for those wanting to learn a little more about palmistry…

Mount of Apollo and Mount of Venus reveals romance in your palm

Hen’s Nights

  • Marriage lines
  • Goddesses in your palm (as symbols on mounts in palm)
  • Your Mount of Venus (as seen in Area 4 in the photo)

Baby Shower

  • Children lines
  • Fertility and the bracelet lines
  • How to read a child’s palm

Work party

  • The fate line
  • Leadership and the Mount of Jupiter (as seen in Area 2 in photo)
  • Symbols of different careers

Going away party

  • Travel lines on the Mount of Luna (as seen in Area 3 in photo)
  • The life line
  • Lucky symbols in the palm

New Age Party

  • Psychic lines and symbols
  • Angels in the palm (as symbols in any mount)
  • Healing with the palm

Palmreading parties are $20 per person or available for $75 per hour. An informal and unique theme on your next Hen’s night or party. Groups of 5 to 50 welcome – private and corporate parties.

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