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Love is the major question I’m asked about

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My date of birth is 1st of June 1981

Thanks hun

Beth, Coolamon, NSW


beths right palm
A long head line
When will I meet my soulmate? after 40
– Soulmate line seen as inner life line

What awaits me in the meantime? Happiness and fortune at 29 with a romance of several years coming

– Several apollo lines alongside the fate line at 29 indicates incoming fortune

What do I have in common with my soulmate? Sport and a good connection intellectually. He is a healer like yourself, and is down to earth. Angels are around you both. There are alot of changes in your 40s when you meet seen in your lifeline definitely a seachange coming and you will be safe.

– Square symbols in Mount of Venus show healing, branches from Mount of Mars shows sport, broken lower lifeline shows major change

Hi Elly,

Hopefully you can look at my palms. I really appreciate it.

My date of birth is 5th of January 1977.

I am right handed and would like to know about my love life and any special symbols in my palm.


Betts, USA

When will I meet my soulmate? 37
– Fate line shows branch joining from mount of luna, heart line doubles at this point

What will he be like? A soulmate connection, he is a giving person, enjoys being with you, his name may start with R. You meet this man while travelling either in your everyday or in travels, he is creative. You will travel together in the future in your 40’s.

– Heart line forks at 37 when you meet showing you feel more relaxed in his presence, strong branch from luna to join fate line indicates travel, branch from lifeline at 42 shows travel.

When will we marry? 42

– Extra lifeline known as inner lifeline at 42 shows soulmate

How many children? 1 boy with triangle symbol shows exceptional talent, likely to have him later on in relationship, possibly sooner if you get your hormones balanced by a naturopath, or receive reiki to left side of body

marriage line shows 1 vertical line, circle symbols under little finger of mercury show hormone imbalance on left side

Hi Elly,

My birthdate is 2 January 1966, and I am right-handed.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it very much.


Hitchhiker's thumb
Hitchhiker's thumb

When will I meet my soulmate? You will meet at age 48 but more serious relationship at age 50.

– Fate line shows branch starts just below heart line and closeness to fate line at age 50, marriage line high on mount of mercury

What will he be like? Possibly a water sign bringing out emotions in you, strong connection, he has 2 daughters, possibly Asian origin

– time of meeting directly on heart line, 2 diagonal children lines cut the marriage line indicate step children, strong travel line to Asia late 40s

When will we marry? 55

– Fate line shows joining of branch at 55

What are my lovelife issues at the moment?

The major lines are different on each hand and you seek balance. There is a short lifeline on your right and broken heart line on your right as well, however the left is most important and all these lines are intact. The left hand is your fated hand and the right hand only shows surface physical problems that need reiki and detox. Seek legal advice or get accountant to allow yourself a budget to travel and feel independent. It may be in Asian regions that you find your partner. A hitchhiker’s thumb does not mean that you will hitchhike, it indicates that you are an open personality and need to careful that people don’t take too much advantage of your generous nature!

– broken heart line, short life line, gap between head and life line, circle symbols on earlier marriage lines, light allergy line on mount of moon, mark on Saturn mount, strong travel line to Asia, stress lines through base of lifeline


I was wondering if you can read my palm?

I want to know when ill find my soulmate and possibly how many kids I will have?

My birthday is 09/24/1983

thank you:)
<3 Sarah

Long index finger of Jupiter
Long index finger of Jupiter

When will I meet my soulmate? 28

–  Second attachment line is longest dipping down into the heartline, the true sign of a soulmate. Heartline has branches to ring finger of Apollo age 35 showing romance.

What will he be like? Possibly of Italian descent, he is a family guy and has a psychic connection with you. He is emotional and likes music.

– Symbols on Mount of Venus show soulmate connection with music, heartline forks at 35, branches from lifeline show children, deep heart line shows emotional intensity.

How many children? 3 – the first two before age 30, the third at age 36

– Lifeline with branches to index finger show children, heartline has multiple branches before 30 and 36

What are my lovelife issues at the moment?

You’re a driven, ambitious person and may need to cut back on work to allow time for a relationship. I can see you leaving work after age 30 to stay at home, but this can change in your palm. Lines change every 8 years. Music or the sax is a good connection for you to meet people or just to help you feel relaxed.

– Circles symbols on mount of venus, broken heart line, faded fate line, fate line from mount of luna

Hi Elly,

I would like to have answers about love, marriage and when?

I was wondering about my life line, is completely

different the one in my right hand than the other, it seems to be cut…
my birthdate: 16/9/1976

Thanks in advance! Marianna

Broken lifeline
Broken lifeline

When will i meet my soulmate? 35

– first marriage line is higher under mercury finger

What will my partner be like? good chemistry, has a busy lifestyle, will meet in southern regions of Asia

–  travel lines show Asia prominent, deep marriage with some sections doubled.

Current issues with love?
finding a balance with emotions, building faith for the future
– major lines are different on each palm, line from mount of mars cuts through lifeline, mercury lines of communication

What is my approach to love? taking it one day at a time, spontaneous
– fate line very faint, heart line ends under middle finger of Saturn

Why the broken lifeline? Your left palm shows no break however there is caution around northern Asia with water. Be careful if you travel in this area. Otherwise your luck does come with travelling at age 35 with romance strongly indicated.

-broken lifeline in right palm, circle on travel line

Hi there,

I saw your site through someones link on twitter, and offering my palms for the free reading if im lucky lol.

My date of birth is 5th Jan 1961.



New Zealand

Air shape palm
Air shape palm

When will I meet my soulmate? A highschool sweetheart at 17, and a new relationship at age 45 to 48

–  Second attachment line highlighted. Lifeline branches across palm and toward index finger of Jupiter. New heart line starts at 45.

What will he be like? He is confident and you will feel empowered also. Alot of energy.  A business man with ideas.

– Strong branch joins fate line age 48, doubled fate line with branches to index finger show confidence.

How many children? Your new partner possibly has children or a grandchild is coming soon.

– Lifeline with branches to index finger show children.

What are my lovelife issues at the moment?

Your early 40’s show a difficult patch with uncertainty, many ideas that needed support and direction. You are patient and now on the right track and will buy the house. Make sure you paint or decorate the house together.

– Doubled fate line shows nervous energy, large mount of moon and deep head line for creativity, teacher’s square on Jupiter mount, circle symbol on fate line

Hi Elly,

Don’t know if you can tell what I was learning from past relationships in my palm? Also I’d love to ask all the same questions as the last person! How cool. Thank you!

Anna, New Zealand

Anna's left palm

When will I meet my soulmate? 32

– Attachment line to heart line at 32 with branches to Apollo ring finger shows romance

What will he be like? He is down to earth, strong and will have a mellowing effect on you

– A strong marriage line, and forked heart line at 32, stress lines across lifeline decrease after 32

How many children? a girl then a boy who is unexpected

– Child lines seen attached to the marriage line is different on each hand, the fated non dominant hand only shows 1 child

What are my lovelife issues at the moment? Want men to listen to you, a need for closer relationships

– Circle symbol on heart line under middle finger of Saturn highlights ear, cut on mount of venus tension, busy fate line under index finger of Jupiter busy work, ring and middle finger held very close relationships important

Elly! Hi Pet

Love, I am left hand dominant
and my birthdate is 25/8/47
Will, 62, Perth

William's right palm
William's right palm

When will i meet my soulmate? age 50

– triangle symbols on your apollo line running up to ring finger lucky at this age for love, likely to work together, deep down you are able to work through difficulties seen by strong lines not broken on non dominant hand

What will my partner be like? psychic connection, good companion

–  lines running from marriage line up into little finger, doubled fate line, squares high on fate line show stability

Current issues with love?
needing tlc and need to slow down with a holiday
– ring on middle finger shows concern for looking after self, red lifeline with circle symbols show fast pace and fatigue, wide lifeline shows travel, square symbols on fate line ending soon allowing freedom

What is my approach to love? very giving of the self to others, children bring you love
– the heart line is curved on non dominant hand, scyring in palm a child was seen in your dominant hand with a gift

How many more grandchildren? 2

– two small markings joining the heart line between the middle and index finger

Hey Elly!
My birth date is September 28th 1983..
Well how is my love life going to be in the next few years…
Anything interesting that awaits me?

Jennie, 25, Canada


When will I meet my soulmate? 31

– New fate line and heart line at 31

What will he be like? He is positive and will loyal, you may meet while travelling in Central America

– A long marriage line, and strong travel lines to central parts of world

How many children? 1 child at 35, a girl

– Heart line has branches to Saturn the middle finger

What are my lovelife issues at the moment? Emotional intensity, need to get away or take control.

– Heart line is red in places showing ups and downs, new fate line starting around age 25

Any special symbols? You are safe, don’t worry about changes in  lovelife.  Big opportunities after 40.

– Squares over your lifeline bring strength. Communication lines on lifelife.

When is the best time to travel? 27

– Lifeline branches

Dear Elly

Have I met my soulmate yet and will I have children soon?

Lara, 25, Sydney

Palm print

When will i meet my soulmate? age 26

– fate line has adjoining line

What will my partner be like? talkative, psychic connection, good chemistry

–  mercury lines strong in hand, 2nd marriage line deep  with extra lines running from marriage lines up into little finger

Current issues with love?
sex and money
– markings on the little finger of mercury

What is my approach to love? will only commit to the right person
– the heart line ending under the middle finger ruled by saturn

Number of kids?
2 before age 30
– the life line and heart line both have 2 branches to middle finger of saturn