Since moving house I discovered my old box full of palmistry clippings, and there was a palmreading of Princess Diana from Woman’s year before she died.  A little creepy but very interesting palmreading focusing on health issues seen in her palm.

The personality of Princess Diana

The princess had a long head line and straight index finger showing her to be a highly intelligent woman and a need to feel in control. The broken fate line shows her need for seclusion later on in her life. A low set thumb shows the grace that Diana displayed in difficult times.

Health problems in her palm

Dots and indentations were seen on the lifeline. These dots reflect headaches and the deeper indentations surgery and accidents. Diana’s heart line is broken under her ring finger often seen on people with a broken heart. Her heart line ends with a fork which shows she continued on in life with her caring heart. Her bracelet lines on the wrist were also broken signifying difficulty in pregnancy, which makes me wonder if that is why she didn’t have any more children.