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Symbols in the palm

The Mount of Venus

Today the Goddess Venus, Aphrodite is emerging from her seashell to let us in on a few secrets…secrets about pregnancy, family love, sex drive, passion for music and angels.

Pregnancy symbols

Signs you may be pregnant are a very red lifeline and redness low on the Mount of Venus. If you have having pain from periods this will also show up as a circle or hash symbol very low on the lifeline or on the Mount of Venus.

Family love

The family ring is a series of lines on the top of the mount of venus near the base of the thumb. Any triangles on these series of lines show inheritance. Courage and protection for family is also seen with triangles anywhere in the mount of venus.

The goddess aphrodite rules the Mount of Venus
The goddess aphrodite rules the Mount of Venus

Sex drive

The goddess venus appreciates a full and fleshy mount of venus as it indicates a good sex drive and an adventurous spirit. This also includes wanderlust as in the love of travel and wanting to explore. It is nice to have a balance of the mount of venus, mount of mars and fate line – this gives courage, passion and direction in relationships. Men often also have strong mount of mars on the upper part of venus which shows sexual aggression.


A deeply etched lifeline on the mount of venus that travels wide into the centre of the palm shows passion and adventure for life. If it is a faint life line that hugs the mount of venus shows a private family life. Passion for music is seen in a loop of music in the mount of venus. This loop of music gives a person grace and creativity, and passion for life. The mount of venus may not be extremely full but symbols such as loops show talents for music and a dedicated passion. Many long vertical lines on the mount of venus are often show musical ability as well as great sensitivity. It is often seen on passionate individuals such as Princess Diana who had a water-shaped palm.


An inner lifeline on the mount of venus has long been told to be a guardian angel watching over you. When going through difficulties in your relationships this second line will help settle any dramatic situation. This inner lifeline will give you strength and keep you strong. Archangel Michael can be seen as a symbol M on the mount of venus. He is one of the strongest guardian angels I regularly see working in the palm.

Where to find your soulmate

Love comes up in all different places. We may meet on travels, through hobbies such as sharing a love of music or simply through destiny.

Marriage Lines

If the marriage line dips deeply into the heart line it is a soulmate connection. If it is a very long marriage line you will find it hard to be without your partner.

Mount of Venus

A palmist can tell the name of the person by looking at the palm, it is a tradition in India to find your soulmate’s initials on the Mount of Venus. Try scrying into the section close to the lifeline on the Mount of Venus to give you clues what your soulmate is like.

Travel Lines

Important journeys are found in the palm as very long travel lines or branches that run into the Apollo line or Fate line. If the travel line was to run into the Apollo line this shows this trip makes you very happy, and fortune shines upon you – a great line for marriage and soulmates.

Soulmates initials can be found in palm
Soulmates initials can be found in palm

Inner Lifeline

On the life line, a inner life life that begins part way down the palm can sometimes indicate a soulmate or someone very special or even a child coming into our lives. The lifeline can give you a timeline when this will happen, which other parts of the palm can not do.

Travel and love for Rhianna

Rhianna's right palm shows an independant and passionate nature
Travel lines in the right palm shows alot of travel up until age 40
Musician Rhianna has a separated headline and lifeline at its beginning near the thumb. This shows independence and a humanitarian nature, especially so in her early 20s when upheaval was caused with her relationship with Chris Brown. It shows her strong nature and ability to start over with her taking the lead.
This may be an old photo, but it does show her as a caring person with a ring on her middle finger. On this Saturn finger this also indicates she was taking on alot of responsibility at the time this was taken. A wavy start to the heart line can show emotional intensity and nervousness, but the line continues strongly onto finish at the top of the palm, the indication of passion and romance.
An inner lifeline shows a soulmate on her Mount of Venus at 39. It is also at this point that her lifeline settles down and travel is not so widespread. Travel lines are aplenty on the Mount of Moon, the strongest of which is in the centre of the palm  with a strong connection to Central America as one of her favourite destinations.

Mount of Neptune and past lives

The Mount of Neptune

The Mount of Neptune is found at the centre at the base of the palm. This position allows a link of the subconscious and the conscious sides. If you have a padded area here you are perceptive and a charmer.  In addition to this a busy mount, one with many lines show an active dreamlife. Triangle symbols are common on the palms on psychics – listen to your dreams if you have a triangle.
Dreams taking you back in time?

Branches from the mount to the bracelet lines on the wrist show a connection to a past life that is revealed through dreams. This can be shown through the art of sleepwalking. It is not unusual if you or your child sleepwalks if this marking is on the Mount of Neptune – it is said that you are looking for your ‘old self’.

Poster by Fatalist Palmistry

Why Palmistry
Why Palmistry

I love this poster for obvious reasons. What do you think?

Romance symbols

Symbols of the past..

The marriage lines under the little finger show how many relationships you may have. The lower lines are relationships from the past. Looking closer at these lines you can see symbols on them.

:(  Circle symbols show this person is draining on your energy. Vertical lines blocking at the end of the line show divorce or sudden ending of the relationship.

:) Triangle symbol could show a transition from relationship to business relationship. Long vertical lines between one marriage line to the next can show keeping in touch with this person through your group of friends.

Symbols of the present…

Your heart line shows the quality of our emotions, if we are feeling passionate or a little bit low this is be reflected in its strength.

:( Indendations or blurriness of the line can show confusion in the intensity, almost causing anxiety.

:) strength in relationships comes from a doubled heart line. This shows someone by your side and lovingly with you always. Sometimes this is a child coming into your life, or a special person who you have great connection with.

Changes in the heart line can be positive if branching toward the ring finger of Apollo this shows romance.

And the future…..

While it is always best to live in the present, your future relationships are present in the marriage lines and sometimes in the fate line also. Deeper marriage lines show people we have more chemistry with.

Where the heart line and fate line ends up shows where you may be heading in your love life.

:( A heart line that is running straight across the palm shows intensity in the emotions. Look for branches up toward the index finger of Jupiter for you coming out of your shell more and expressing your emotions. A fate line that appears to end short of the heart line shows that you have not yet found your passion in life, that can often change as the palm lines will change every 8 years. It can sometimes be a sign that in the future you need to do something for you that makes you happy.

:) A heart line and fate line that splits in two at the end can indicate several things. If this fate line was to split and the stronger of the two lines was toward the little finger this shows a closeness to friends. A stronger line toward the index finger of Jupiter would show a preference toward family. If both lines in the split are of equal strength check for any symbols on these lines for fortune, as often it can indicate a holiday home.

Reading between the lines

Reading between the major and minor lines is one way to get the answers from the universe.

Feel the energy and heat in the palms. This information is best accessed through scrying, by reading palms in person and in a meditative state.

After looking at the major lines of the Heart line, Head line and Life line and minor lines of Allergy line, Fate line and Communication lines you can look at psychic side of the palm.

To access the psychic within, most readers are in a meditative state. This relaxed state is achieved first by trusting yourself and by being grounded. Lighting incense and candles helps the mind to relax and the psychic side to open up.

Everbody receives psychic messages differently. Some people receive audio messages such as a whisper in the ear, or a song comes into their head. Other people may feel a part of their body twinge or feel like a child is pulling at their leg. Other people are more visual.

When you receive your psychic message immediately focus on the palm and translate that image into the palm. This is a form of scrying. Certain lines or branches may become more red or prominent and relate to the message you received. However you receive this psychic messages is, trust and develop this ability.

Always remember the right palm is our reality that we are dealing with. The left palm will have more lines as it explains our inner self. Always compare the two palms and see what secrets you can uncover .

Health issues in today’s rainbow children

Health problems in today's rainbow children

Does your child have any of these health issues?

  • Asthma

  • Allergy

  • Nervousness

  • Tantrums

  • Weight gain

  • Low energy

  • ADD

Imbalance can cause these tantrums, allergies and heartache to hang around for a long time..Take a closer look at their lifeline, headline, heartline and fingernails.

The lifeline

This is a physical line showing how much energy your child has. If they are iron deficient, i.e. not eating enough meat or getting over a recent flu, this line will be faint. Asthma may also be indicated by a faint lifeline.

The heartline

This is the emotional side of the child, and a line that is dark and faint shows problems with circulation and tiredness. Any bars early on in the heart line shows trauma within childhood. The child may be bullied or feel scared. A wavy line shows nervousness.

The Head Line

A faint head line shows difficulty concentrating, and a wavy line also contributes to problems such as ADD. The head lines can be different on each palm and the inner self may show great strength. Confidence may be lacking or an illness is getting them down if multiple lines are faint. A simian line is a merging of the head and heart line which can bring stubborness in a child. This is an intense energy where emotions run high.

Bracelet Lines

A difficulty in letting go relates to karma and can be seen by a full set of bracelet lines on the wrist. Broken bracelet lines are best and show that past life issues are not brought into this life. If your child is dealing with these issues now the bracelet lines will have cuts on them and appear red. Fear of water or animals may be because they have been drowned or attacked by a lion the jungle in a previous life. Fear is seen by circles around the base of the index finger called Solomon’s ring.

Fingers and Fingernails

White spots on fingernails show calcium deficiency and trouble sleeping. On the fingertips small vertical lines show hyperactivity whereas horizontal lines show low energy and nervousness. If the base of the fingers are full and wide this is a sign of a weight problems and the child may use food as a comfort, and checking for a strong head and heart line is important to rule out eating disorders.

The Allergy Line

If an Allergy line does exist on the palm on the Mount of Luna there are toxins in the body. It is best if this line is not present but sometimes it is caused by where we live or the diet we eat. An alarming number of children are now developing allergies to food. The deeper the line the more intense the allergy. Branches from this line can show where the problem is arising from or the reaction it is causing. For example, a branch from the Allergy line to the Head line would be causing headaches, or towards the Mount of Mars would show angry outbursts.

Do you have any health issues you would like to know more about in the palm? Why not email me at and I will help you learn more about it in the palm.

Reading children’s prints

From day one of your child’s life it is possible to get an insight into their personality and creativity. There are several different kinds of fingerprints known as loops, arches, whorls and peacock’s eyes.

Each fingerprint holds its own unique quality depending on what finger it is found on

Did you know that…… the little finger rules Communication — the ring finger rules Creativity — the middle finger rules Responsibility — the index finger rules Ambition — the thumb rules Control

What each fingerprint means

Loops show creativity and an easy going nature.

The fingerprint lays sideways usually toward the outer palm. If it lays towards thumb this shows a more controlling nature. Signs of a creativite thinker on any finger and person who likes variety.

Arches shows practical matters and structure are important to the child.

It is more of a solid fingerprint which points upwards.These prints are positive when found on the middle and index finger to help a child feel grounded and comfortable within themselves. A tented arch is a more sharp arched print brought on by a busy mind.  Signs of  a child who seeks the truth in others, and likes stability.

A whorl fingerprints is a powerful print showing an outgoing personality.

It brings alot of creative ability especially if found on the ring finger. If it is found on the little finger the child can talk their way out of anything and on the index finger this could show a natural leader. This fingerprint found on all fingers is an intense personality and can sometimes indicate heart problems.  Signs of a cook, artist and one who needs to be able to express their emotions.

Some extra-special fingerprints can be seen sometimes on the little and ring fingers. They are the peacock’s eye and a double loop fingerprint.

The peacock’s eye is one of my favourite fingerprints as it brings luck.

It is a very tight finger print that is a closed loop. The child is protected by a guardian angel in regards to keeping safe from accidents particularly if found on the little finger. They will also be able to have a great insight into the future. On the ring finger they are more likely to fall on their feet in regards to money and will be able to adapt with change.  Signs of a psychic ability and person needing variety, a traveller.

The double loop essentially shows duality.

It  can mean a double personality or someone that likes to look at the situation from both sides. This person often will take their time in making a decision. Depending on what finger it is found on, if placed on the little finger it may show difficulty dealing in with money or communication mixups. However on a ring or middle finger it shows empathy and great creative insight.  Signs of an artist, counsellor and judge.

Heal the world

I am not asking you to donate to a charity fund, or buy that record…as using your healing abilities would be a lot more productive.

A square is seen in the centre of the palm under the middle finger. This gives the person healing ability such as reiki, channelling heat and good at massage.

It is enhanced by a branch to Apollo.

A square symbol found under each finger points to its own special healing meaning:

– on the little finger, a square on this mount of mercury shows a solid and important need to communicate. Musicians or people on help lines have this symbol.

– on the ring finger, a square on the mount of apollo shows an ability to help others through the arts. This is enhanced by a forked head line under apollo. Brad Pitt has a similar headline that forks up showing he is doing something positive for humanity.

– on the middle finger, a square on the mount of saturn shows great concern for humanity and physical issues…massage therapist. This is enhanced by padded fingertips, that look like teardrops, making them highly tactile and sensitive.

– on the index finger, a square on the mount of jupiter traditionally is a teaching ability. It shows leadership and strength in a team, initiative. You can count on this person through hard times.

– on the thumb area, a square on the mount of mars shows great defence and protection. Those who risk their lives in rescuing others in earthquakes and volunteering during bushfires have this special marking. The symbol is enhanced by branches to the fate line and toward any mount can show achievement.

A square on the mount of mars is seen in this palm with padded fingertips showing sensitivity and courage.

– below the thumb area, a square on the mount of venus shows a deeply caring person who will protect family. People who care for foster children and heal their little hearts often have this symbol.

– on the lower part of the palm, a square on the mount of neptune shows a connection with dreams. A square will help make these dreams possible, so do not tell this person that something is impossible…

Impossible does not exist in Suzanne Boyles dictionary. Her long fingers and round nails show great creative talent. Check out her palms on her inspiring audition on Britain’s Got Talent on this YouTube link.

– on the outer part of the palm, a square on the mount of luna shows traditionally safety in travel. People with this symbol often have sealegs such as deep sea police divers and surf lifesavers. The symbol is enhanced by a strong mount of mars for courage.

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