Just to clear a few things up…There are a few other palmistry websites that claim there is alot that palmistry can not do.

Have faith and trust in the universe because there is alot that the palm can tell you about your future. Lets be positive…things that palmistry can do:

A palmist can tell the name of the person by looking at the palm, it is a tradition in India to find your soulmate’s initials on the Mount of Venus

Travel lines can be found on the Mount of Moon
Photo by Raegan Walsh-Howard
  • The geographic location or race of the person can also be found in the palm by looking at doubling of travel lines merging into the fate line and apollo lines.

    Palmistry can tell you the number of children as well as gender by looking at the marriage lines and branches from the heart line.

Marriage lines and the heart line can show romance and relationships
Looking for love in the palm
  • Although there are many types of relationships, committment and marriage is very clear in a palm on the marriage lines, heart line, fate line and life line.
  • Palmistry is consistent in its information about major lines, it is the combination of each individual’s symbols and personality that can alter a reading.

The Saturn Finger
Symbols on the palm gives you inside information about palmistry

  • While the date of death can not be told from the palm the quality of life can be seen in the bracelet lines and health issues can be seen as used in Chinese palmistry.
  • It is possible to see if a person will immigrate or travel to another country by branches on the life line and mount of moon. Some of our greatest adventurers such as Douglas Mawson had many, many travel lines on their palm.

A creative and lucky palm includes a strong apollo finger and thumb
Apollo finger symbols can show luck and fortune
  • Fortune can be predicted in the palm, including a rise to fame and winning the lotto – a star on Apollo.
  • You can see when you are buying a property by branches on lifeline and squares on the fate line.

Mount of Venus, photo by Anna Conlan
Mount of Venus reveals family, love and motivation. Photo by Anna Conlan
  • It is possible to see if you will formally study by a triangle on the fate line and if there is a triangle on the heart line your love life is also a bit of a learning experience.
  • It is possible to tell the medical conditions in the palms, by using Chinese palmistry methods.  Special symbols on the palm and the fingernail quality pinpoint health problems.

Brad shows us his fire palm
Brad shows us his fire palm
  • Palmistry can tell the future as major lines remain the same 8 years in advance before changing.
  • It is possible to recognize the profession of the person by symbols, fingerprints and direction of lines