How can you see children in your palm?

Clues can be found on the heart line,  fate line, life line and marriage lines.

On the heart line, a branch toward the middle finger of Saturn, the planet of responsibility indicates a child coming into your life. This can be your birth child or a child coming into your care.

On the life line, a inner life life that begins part way down the palm can sometimes indicate a soulmate or someone very special such as a child coming into our lives. The fate line may also become doubled at this point which shows you will be extra busy. Squares around the fate line at this time indicate nesting, and time spent at home.

On the marriage lines under your little finger of Mercury there are the children lines. The marriage lines run horizontally and the children lines are vertical or diagonal branches off this line. The number of branches show how many children you will have.

Children lines under the little finger of Mercury
Children lines joining the marriage lines

If I foster a child or work with children will that show in the palm?

Yes, the line however cuts through the marriage line. If the child line joins the marriage line, then it is your birth child.

Many faint vertical lines seen around the Mount of Mercury show you work with children.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

If the line is vertical it will be a boy and diagonal it will be a girl.

Will my child be healthy?

Look for lines attached to the marriage line.  A deep line is best for good health but generally indicates an outgoing personality and a light line a shy child. If the line has a circle symbol it will drain a chid’s health 0r can indicate a difficult pregnancy. Wavy lines can indicate anxiety. Squares show guardian angels.

What will their personality and talents be like?

Symbols such as triangles on the children lines show talent for business. If the line is long and reaches up into the base of the little finger of Mercury they will be a chatterbox in touch with angels and imaginary friends. A forked child line shows multiple talents and they may change their direction later on in life.

Will I have twins?

A doubled child line that both join together and a doubling of other major lines in the palm can sometimes indicate twins.

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